Meet our Team

Zachary  Gillingham
Zachary Gillingham
Sales and Leasing Specialiist

Pierre-Olivier  Beaudin
Pierre-Olivier Beaudin
Internet Sales Specialist

Renee  Spicer
Renee Spicer
Internet Sales & Leasing Manager

Emil  Salavarria
Emil Salavarria
Sales Manager

Mike  Raby
Mike Raby
Director Of Sales

Devon  MacAusland
Devon MacAusland
General Sales Manager

Jeff  Hyslop
Jeff Hyslop
Director Of Finance

Dan Lefter
Dan Lefter
IT Support

Laureanne Stewart
Laureanne Stewart
Office Manager
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Tim  Sears
Tim Sears
Media & Advertising Director

Si  He
Si He
Website Administrator

Julie  Babineau
Julie Babineau
Graphic Designer / Web Admin

Steve  Smith
Steve Smith
Senior Service Advisor

Darrin  Legoff
Darrin Legoff
Certified Technician

Steve  Middleton
Steve Middleton

Ryan Whalen
Ryan Whalen
Apprentice Technician

Gaston  Allain
Gaston Allain
Service Manager - Bilingue

Brian  Keith
Brian Keith
Director Of Fixed Operations

Troy  Hannay
Troy Hannay
Parts Manager

Dwayne  Phillips
Dwayne Phillips
Director Of Parts

John  Coates
John Coates
Maintenance Manager

Barry  McArdle
Barry McArdle
Shuttle Driver