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Used Vehicle Exchange Policy

Applicable to Rallye Certified Used Vehicles

Unhappy with your purchase of a Rallye Certified used vehicle? Exchange that vehicle for another used vehicle of equal or lesser value from any of our Rallye Motors Auto Group dealerships used vehicle inventory. Exchange must take place within the lesser of 7 days or 1000 kilometers of personal or business usage, from the date of purchase. Exchange will be limited to one occurrence and is not a cash back offer.

The vehicle must be returned in the same condition, with only normal wear and tear for the time expired and with all accessories and equipment present at time of delivery. The vehicle must be in the original purchasers name and the purchaser must provide clear title to the exchanged vehicle.

The exchange value will be limited to the original purchase price indicated on the original Bill of Sale, before tax, fees and licensing costs and less any over allowance for previous trade/lien deficiency. Every attempt will be made to obtain a refund for cancelled warranties and insurance policies. Refunds from these independent companies may be pro-rated or not at all.

The purchaser will be responsible for any monies that exceed the original purchase price as calculated in the preceding paragraph, plus any and all fees associated with the exchange. The dealer will refund any shortfall in the exchange price, as calculated in the preceding paragraph; any and all fees associated with the exchange will be the responsibility of the purchaser.